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Welcome to Village Santa Cruz County (VSCC), a non-profit, grassroots membership organization.  We are a network of Santa Cruz city and county residents with a vision of aging as an active, empowering time of growing and learning, as important and meaningful as any other time of our life.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Our goal is a vibrant, caring community, neighbors of all ages helping each other, so we can stay in our homes and engaged in our community, through all the transitions of aging. 

Health Projects Center
We Appreciate Your Advocacy and Support
From the Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center, a Program of the Health Projects Center:
On June 29, 2020 Governor Newsom signed a budget that provides core funds for Health Project Center’s Multipurpose Senior Services Center and Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center. This signing reversed the Governor’s initial proposal to eliminate these funds. This reversal was in great part due to citizens letting our leaders know that providing supportive services to keep people safe at home is a top priority, now more than ever. 
On behalf of the clients (family caregivers and medically frail elders), board and staff of Health Projects Center, I thank our friends and supporters who reached out to advocate for our cause. I thank our legislators for understanding the importance of these programs. I thank Governor Newsom for signing the budget and for recognizing that supporting frail elders and family caregivers is essential. 
In signing the budget, Governor Newsom stated that “In the face of a global pandemic that has also caused a recession across the world and here in California, our state has passed a budget that is balanced, responsible and protects public safety and health, education, and services to Californians facing the greatest hardships.”
We here at Health Projects Center are committed to using our resources wisely to serve our clients well. Now more than ever, we are deeply committed to being responsible stewards of the funding we are entrusted with.

John Beleutz
Executive Director

Yes, Wearing Masks Help. Here's Why  

COVID-19 Cases in Santa Cruz County Rising - Here are the Latest Figures

AARP: A One-Stop Information Guide on COVID-19 for ALL Californians:

Download Resource Card: English Version  Spanish Version

Friendship Line:
Friendship Line, from the California Department of Aging, is a vital lifeline for those feeling isolated and alone to connect with a caring, compassionate voice ready to listen and provide emotional support. During this time of COVID, when the most vulnerable population is even more isolated than usual, this service provides an ally, a friend, and most importantly human connection. Most people who staff and volunteers converse with daily are those whose live alone and simply need to talk to someone - to connect.
To use the Friendship Line, please call: (888) 670 - 1360

PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff Program:
This program is when PG&E proactively shuts off power to electrical assets that are located in high fire risk areas. PG&E's focus this year is to reduce wildfire risk across our system, continuing to improve our situational awareness and reduce the impact of public safety outages on customers and communities. We are working to ensure the length of outages and number of people impacted by these shutoff events are reduced every year. 
PG&E has a few programs that can assist our Access and Functional Needs Communities throughout these outages. 

(1) Medical Baseline: This is an assistance program for residential customers who have special energy needs to due to qualifying medical conditions. Customers who are eligible for Medical Baseline receive an additional allotment of electricity and/or gas per monthly. This helps ensure that more energy to support medical devices is available at a lower rate. The program includes two different kinds of help:
-A lower rate on your monthly energy bill
-Extra notifications in advance of a Public Safety Power Shutoff
Due to COVID-19 shelter in place requirements and changing medical practitioners priorities, customers can now self-certify their eligibility to enroll in the program. 
For more information and to enroll, please click here

(2) CFILC Portable Batteries
The program will enable the local centers to provide qualifying customers who use electrical medical devices with access to backup portable batteries through a grant, lease-to-own or the FreedomTech low-interest financial loan program. Transportation resources, lodging and food, emergency planning, education and outreach about PG&E programs such as Medical Baseline also will be part of the program.

Applications for portable backup batteries will be available online and at Independent Living Centers across the state. Individuals who use life-sustaining electrical support will be the highest priority. Through the application process, the CFILC’s Disaster Resource Advisory Committee will make the ultimate determination about the distribution of resources. CFILC will administer all aspects of the program.

Coordination of resources takes time, so individuals are encouraged to engage with their local centers and formulate a plan long before a safety shutoff is imminent. Customers can find the location of Independent Living Centers by visiting of operation may be impacted due tothe COVID-19 pandemic.

CFILC serves as a membership association for most of the local Independent Living Centers across PG&E’s service area. They are grassroots organizations run by, and for people with disabilities, and they provide a variety of services to people across all types of disabilities and ages. Partnering with centers already working together to support the most vulnerable individuals in PG&E’s service area is one of the best ways to reach the disabled community during PSPS events or emergencies.  


~~ Shelter-in-Place Distractions ~~
Get Moving at home
Join some of the virtual recreation activities offered by our Parks and Recreation department especially for seniors.  (click on the link)
Many of the activities require Zoom, but this 25-minute senior exercise video you can play at anytime.

~  Villages in the News ~

KTVU TV News featured Andy Gaines from Ashby Village in this recent coronavirus newstory: 

Hotel Oakland Village, formed in 2011, is the first low-income senior village to join our organization. With almost 400 residents in the historic Hotel Oakland, the village is focused on combatting the negative health effects of senior isolation.

In collaboration with Stanford, UC-Berkeley, Johns-Hopkins, AARP, and senior health professionals this village provides a wide range of valued medical and social services to all village members. The many programs offered and the high rates of participation have successfully reduced isolation among the Hotel Oakland Village residents. Their motto is “Participation = Good Health”.

Take a look inside this unique village by watching their introductory video here

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