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Membership Fees:

BASIC (individual):
$25/month or $300/year

BASIC (household):  Same as BASIC (individual) plus $10/month (or $120/year) for each added person who must live at the same address, and access the house via the same door. Household membership does NOT include residents of attached or detached separate dwellings.

$35/month or $420/year (available after Phase II launch)

Pay for an annual BASIC membership during Phase I of our launch (February 1-July 30, 2017) and you will receive the benefits of a Founding Member such as:

  • Fifteen months for the price of twelve!
  • Ground-floor input into the programs, activities and events offered.
  • Your name on our website.
                                   Founding Member Benefits

We recognize there are many seniors in Santa Cruz County who are struggling financially, and we want to be inclusive.  We have a limited number of scholarship memberships based on income. We are committed to offering as many as we can while still remaining a sustainable organization.  Email to find out more.



How to apply:

  • You can apply online, print out an invoice, and return it with your check to Village Santa Cruz via US mail. Member Signup / Information

  • You can print out a membership application, fill it out and return it with your check to Village Santa Cruz via US mail. Membership Application Form

  • You can contact us and we will send you a membership application.
Membership fees may be paid on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual schedule.  If you need to pay month-to-month, please contact us by email or phone to make special arrangements.

Send your check and invoice to:

Village Santa Cruz

1740 17th Ave.

Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 824-2404


Contact us at: