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Welcome to Village Santa Cruz County (VSCC)
, a non-profit, grassroots membership organization.  We are a network of Santa Cruz city and county residents with a vision of aging as an active, empowering time of growing and learning, as important and meaningful as any other time of our life.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Our goal is a vibrant, caring community, neighbors of all ages helping each other, so we can stay in our homes and engaged in our community, through all the transitions of aging.

Tues, Sep. 17, Movie Night at the Del Mar: "Being Mortal", 6:30pm-TBA 
@ Del Mar Theatre - 1124 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95060.
Registration is required for this event. 
For more information click here: Being Mortal

Fri, Sep 20, Master Plan for Aging, 12:00pm - 3:00pm
 Hyatt Regency Embarcadero  - 5 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111 OR Watch Online.
Registration required for this event.
For more information click here: Master Plan

April 5th - Sep. 22, MAH Exhibit: "We're Still Here" @ Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History - 705 Front Street, Downtown Santa Cruz, CA 95060. 
For more information click here :MAH Exhibit



Enjoy a short yet insightful video on The Future of Aging produced by RetroReport an investigative journalism group that publishes short-form documentaries.  The story earned a 2019 News & Documentary Emmy nomination. 

Many seniors take multiple drugs, which can lead to side effects like confusion, lightheadedness, difficulty sleeping and more. Doctors who specialize in the care of the elderly often recommend carefully reducing the medication load.  Read more here:

Losing keys, misplacing a wallet, or forgetting someone’s name are common experiences.  Most of these memory lapses are normal—and have more to do with the increasing amounts of information being thrown our way than with any real cognitive decline.  But for people of a certain age, memory lapses can be frightening.

Here are some guidelines from the American Psychological Association and a short video from AARP.  The AARP website also has a brain health section with tools, information and activities that is free for members.

~  Villages in the News ~

The Neighborhood Network village in York Maine takes pride in fixing the things members need to have repaired.  They have a resident team of five handymen on the York Housing staff who can do much of the work members require.  If they can’t do it, they can recommend local vendors to do the work.

Learn more about their services here:

Rapp at Home is a village of seniors residing in Rappahannock County in Virginia who join together to have fun, keep active, and provide that extra neighbor-to-neighbor assistance to help sustain an independent lifestyle.

~~ Northwest Neighbors Village

Independent aging in Fairbanks, Alaska
~  Aging at Home Fairbanks

Stria News, an online media platform for the longevity economy, published this piece that features Village Movement California and the Village to Village Network. 


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